How to join an NGO?

Requirements for joining the NGO “Foundation of Women Beekeepers”

Read the NGO & Membership rules

By the specified link.

Here is the links:

Register through the google form

Link here

Google form

Send documents by "Nova Poshta"

Details on the other side

Completed and signed documents , together with a copy of the passport (1, 2 pages, only for identification purposes) and 1 photo 3 x 4 cm to identify the member) send to the Nova Poshta №2 , Chabany, 3 Yunosti Street (Kyiv-Sviatoshynskyi district, Kyiv region) to the head of the NGO Leonora Adamchuk, 0976906588 .

Get a membership card

Well done

In response, you will receive a membership card at the address specified in the registration information, which will mean that you are accepted into the Organization.

Join the Viber community

Follow the link

As of 2021, membership fees are not provided

If you have already completed all the steps, then you can fill out the form to add you to the member directory.
You will also get the opportunity to post your products in our marketplace.