Foundation of women beekeepers

About us
The Foundation of Women Beekeepers is the first, currently the only non-profit women’s NGO registered in Ukraine, which promotes awareness of the importance of bees for food security, conducts current research and implements them in beekeeping practices, spreads the culture of beekeeping and protects bees.
We implement vital strategic research and educational initiatives that protect honeybees and beekeeping in general, promote the introduction of controlled bee pollination and increase food security.
We work with love and maternal care for people, bees and the environment!
We develop together preserving the identity of each!
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    Our vision

    The ideologue of our philosophy is one member, Svitlana Volynets, who is a well-known apitherapist in Ukraine and the world and the founder of Apiproduct.
    We consider the Bee and the Woman as two figures who with their beauty, harmony, diligence, wisdom will save the World.
    WFor the Bee and the Woman, all spheres of activity are harmoniously united in life and form a hexagon of a bee cell. In the first (but not the main) place of this hexagon is the personality, its inner world, character, beliefs, principles, instincts – I – Bee, I – Woman
    The next is Work: for the Bee – daily, uninterrupted, which is the meaning of her life. No wonder the bee was called “working” in all languages. For a woman, work is a way to provide for the family and the pleasure of working with bees.
    The next corner is Family. For the Bee, the family is an evolutionary way of survival over the last 30 million years. For a woman, the family is a source of inspiration, shelter and comfort, which she herself creates, nourishes with her energy.
    Next up is Social Connectivity. In bees, it is a stable connection between bee castes (at the level of pheromones), which perform different functions and in combination act as one whole organism. For a woman, this is her realization and self-expression in society. The components are friends, the environment, culture, the Foundation, charity and a great desire to preserve and improve our world.
    The strongest connection is with Nature. There is no more harmonious combination than bees with the existence of nature.
    After all,
    without bees – pollination is not possible, and hence the existence of plants, and as a consequence of wildlife and humans. Woman connects with nature through beekeeping, farming, walking in the woods. It is in this union that the vital energy that nourishes her family gives birth to new ideas and stimuli.
    The most important thing is health. The health of bees depends on their individual and social (family) immunity, which is formed in the environment, the nest and with the consumption of food. Not being healthy, a bee dies, as does the whole family. For a woman, health is the basis for her work, social activities, preservation of family and self. Strengthening and maintaining the physical, psychological (mental) and spiritual health of women is possible by working with bees, consuming their products, saturating them with energy.

    Our founder

    Leonora Adamchuk is involved in education, research, beekeeping, beekeeping and honeybee protection.
    Leonora spent her childhood and school years in Skvyra, Kyiv region. She grew up in the apiary of the well-known (unfortunately deceased) grandfather-beekeeper Yuriy Dmytrovych Adamchuk, whose name he still bears with respect and continues the family business in the 5th generation. In 2000 she graduated from the 9th grade of Skvyra Secondary School of I-III grades №1 named after M. Olshevsky Kyiv region. At the same time she studied from the 8th grade at the Kyiv State Research and Production Complex, got her first profession “Beekeeper”. In 2004 she graduated with honors from Chernyatyn College of Vinnytsia National Agrarian University, Chernyatyn (Ukraine) and obtained the qualification “Zootechnician of Beekeeping”. She graduated from the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine (Ukraine), in 2009 received a master’s degree in technology of production and processing of livestock products, specialization “Beekeeping”, in 2016 – a master’s degree in administrative activities, in 2020 – a master’s degree in certification and standardization of agricultural products. All diplomas with honors.
    The degree of Candidate of Agricultural Sciences was awarded in 2013 to the topic of the dissertation: “Substantiation of pollen classification and comprehensive assessment of bee pollen.” She received the academic title of associate professor in 2019. She began her scientific activity in 2009, pedagogical – in 2014 at the Department of Beekeeping. V.A. Nestervodsky NULES of Ukraine, where in different years she held the positions of assistant, senior lecturer, associate professor. Since March 2019 he has been working as an associate professor of the Department of Standardization and Certification of Agricultural Products of NULES of Ukraine.
    Develops international cooperation in the field of beekeeping since 2009; executor, expert, coordinator of 10 international projects. Public work on the development of the beekeeping industry has been actively started since 2017.
    October 8, 2019 founded and currently heads the Beekeepers Women’s Foundation, is a member of the All-Ukrainian Public Association “Union of Beekeepers of Ukraine”, co-founder of the BeesAgro Managed Pollination Association and a member of the working group on beekeeping development at the Ministry of Economy .
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