Course “Professional beekeeping. Part 1”

10 weeks
All levels
3 lessons
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9 students

A free pilot course available to anyone as an incentive to gain new knowledge from members of the Beekeepers Women’s Foundation. It consists of short video lectures, three of which are on the topic “Zootechnical and organic methods of controlling the Varroa mite”, which are presented in Part 1 of the course – are available free of charge.

Language: Ukrainian


The main causes of bee death in the world are recognized pesticide load on the environment, pathogens that cause bee diseases and food stress. Each of the causes is closely related to the Varroa mite. By parasitizing, the mite leaves holes in the exoskeleton of bees, making them more vulnerable to contact fumigants and pesticides. Damage to the cuticle causes pathogens to enter the bee’s body. Due to the congestion of families, their immunity is reduced, disruption of the fatty body affects the vulnerability to intestinal pesticides and causes food stress. Therefore, controlling the number of mites should become one of the mandatory technological methods of keeping bee colonies.

Contents of part 1 of the course:

  • Video lecture 1. World expansion and biology of Varroa mite.
  • Video lecture 2. Monitoring. Zootechnical methods of struggle.
  • Video lecture 3. Organic methods and year-round control schemes.
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